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Dutch courses Amsterdam at Fit4taal

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Start living and working in Amsterdam

Explanation of the situation that you come to the Netherlands from abroad and have chosen Amsterdam as the city to work and live. And now you are keen to learn Dutch. How do you do that?

You’ve only been in Amsterdam for a month. You have had the opportunity to come and work in the Netherlands. What a wonderful opportunity, but yes, you are here and now what?.

A nice job but still a lot to learn

You have a nice job, but you still have to learn everything about the Netherlands and its culture, including the language.

Amsterdam, the city where you will live and work in the coming years. You may know Amsterdam from the Red-Light District, the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum with the Night Watch, the International Dance Event or its lovely canals.

But what is it like to live in Amsterdam and how on earth do you tackle the language as a “New Dutchie”

Amsterdam, a city that never sleeps

Just like New York, Amsterdam is also called the city that never sleeps. There is always something to do in the city. You can find entertainment from early in the morning until late in the evening.

The average local speaks English reasonably, and certainly among young people the English language is a second or even first language.

Many multinationals like, Heineken, Shell, Philips, KLM and ING have settled in the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam has 180 different nationalities, in other major cities that is around 164, so you really are not alone!

Though you may feel lost at the moment, as soon as you start your daily routine, you will discover that it is very practical to speak Dutch.

You are looking for a Dutch Online Course where you learn to speak Dutch easily, but also broaden your social network by studying with peers that are in the same boat.

Start Learning Dutch in Amsterdam

This is where Fit4Taal can help! We offer Dutch language courses

The Field of Language Learning is Changing at A Fast Pace - We Offer Dutch Courses with A Personalized Approach at Fit4Taal. That gives you a unique opportunity to engage with colleagues/peers and integrate into Dutch society.

What do we offer?

We offer a full range of levels, from beginners to advanced, and measure your progress through the program at the end of each module.

Whether you want to prepare for post-meeting conversations with your Dutch-speaking colleagues, communicate with your in- laws or make new friends, don't worry, our teachers have your back!

What are the key benefits of learning Dutch?

  • You learn the local language with Peers

  • You improve your communication skills

  • You level the playing field With your Dutch colleagues

  • You increase your confidence

  • You improve relationships at work and home

  • You improve your decision making skills

  • You can truly integrate into Dutch Society

  • You can have fun whilst learning

  • And many more ...

Join A Network of +4500 Professionals

You are not alone in the Netherlands!

In fact, you can easily be a member of the Fit4Taal family with more than 4500 professionals from other Countries with similar backgrounds.

In addition to learning the Dutch language online, Fit4taal regularly has on site events during which you will meet fellow students from the get go, which increases your network immediately !!

Sounds too good to be true? Over 1000 expat or foreign students from Amsterdam would disagree, the Dutch Professionals Program at Fit4Taal t is amazing.

Do you still have doubts? Look at what others say about us :-)

What others say about fit4taal language and our program (also add some google reviews here)

Maria & Joris

“Learning the Language is important, but also making the connection with other students that are all going through the same situation has been wonderful”


“I was learning on my own with duolingo but found that I was not able to speak and really use sentences. This made me decide to search for a school that could help me take the real step to learning the language. I found Fit4taal, did a trial lesson and loved It! Every language has its music and Fit4Taal has made me understand the music. They have definitely helped me with our transition to the Netherlands.”

And what about the teachers?

All teachers speak fluent English, Spanish and of course Dutch. We have a very strict selection procedure when it comes to accepting teachers. As we are fun, innovative and use many applications in our classes, they need to be entertaining whilst providing grammar and conversational content.

Our language programs

One of the reasons that we use such a strict assumption policy is because we also have an English offer in addition to our Dutch lesson offer according to the Cambridge University method and that requires quality from our teachers.

Fit4Taal’s DNA

In addition to the excellent quality of teachers and the program, classes at Fit4Taal are FUN. We require a positive attitude and hard work but there is ample room for students to discuss the challenges of living in a new Country and dealing with all the peculiarities of the Dutch (and they are many!)

We therefore organize onsite events so that our students can meet while enjoying delicious food, drinks and of course wonderful music.

So not, too good to be true, because Fit4Taal is designed for you.

Recap of the benefits

  • Learn the local language with peers

  • Strengthen your communication skills

  • Level the playing field With your Dutch colleagues

  • Increase your confidence

  • Improves relationships at work and home

  • Strengthen your decision-making skills

  • Integrate into Dutch Society

  • Have FUN!

So come and join the fit4taal family.

So, what's stopping you from learning Dutch with Fit4taal? Nothing!

If you are eager to speak Dutch, expand your communication skills and integrate into Dutch society, fill out this form, and we will get in touch with you! See you on the other side!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn Dutch online for free?

We don't think you can learn Dutch for free. Serval studies show that the fastest way of learning Dutch is by following Dutch lessons and be a part of Dutch society. However we do have a great offer: click on the link below, register for free Beginners classes and begin your Dutch Journey NOW.

Can I learn Dutch in 2 months?

That depends on how fast you want to learn. It is a difficult language to learn, but ordering a drinks or food should be no problem in just a few weeks. If you already speak some Dutch, you will improve your Dutch much faster at Fit4taal

How can I learn the Dutch language easily?

By following the Dutch courses at Fit4taal. It is the fastest and easiest way of learning Dutch.



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