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Hi everybody! It is my pleasure to be able to provide you with all the support you need to achieve the goal of speaking and understanding the language. So sign up and be part of the growing number of students who succeed in their professional careers here in the Netherlands.



Hello  My name is Jan-Albert, Program Director at Fit4Taal and passionate about Conversation and Phonetics. I am very happy to be able to teach you this rich language and in my classes you will learn "the real Dutch" that you have been looking for.

Administrative Team



Program Manager

Hi there! My name's Fabio and I've been with Fit4Taal essentially since the very beginning, first as a grammar teacher from Spanish and English to Dutch, but, as the school expanded, I have taken up the position of program manager!

I have the pleasure of designing the programs we offer, and I lead, coordinate and support our group of excellent teachers to help them give the best Fit4Taal product they can. Tot gauw!

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Program Administrator

Hi everyone! My name is Alejandro and I am responsible for the planning and development of the language programs offered by Fit4Taal . Together, we will assign you to the course that best suits you. I will also provide you with all the necessary information and the didactic material that you will need during the course. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions you might have!

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Innovation Manager

Hi, I am Valentina, the Innovation Manager at Fit4Taal. I love to work here because I am able to use my creativity and tech-knowledge to develop, design and launch new products and services for our students. I also organize our amazing on-site events where students meet on-site and practice their Dutch skills in the real world. Last but not least I am the main advisor of our marketing department in terms of social media, campaign design and data analytics.

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E-learning Coordinator

Hello Fit4Talers! My name’s Ana Jara and I’m the e-learning coordinator here at Fit4Taal. I come from Chile and almost 10 years ago I emigrated to the Netherlands, where I am happily living in the beautiful city of Rotterdam. You would hear from me if you start any of our self-paced and dynamic e-learning programs. I look forward to helping you with your learning journey!

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IT Manager

Hi! My name is Niusy, I am the IT Manager at Fit4taal, It has been a very exciting journey to see how our school has evolve in technology and marketing, I support different departments to achieve technological and  marketing goals.  I also support IT emergencies and as a team with the learning department we develop the self-learning programs.  So I hope you enjoy this awesome learning process!

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Program Advisor

Hello everyone! I am here to guide you and help you with everything related to our programs, I want you to reach your goals in learning a new language, effectively and enjoying the process, together we can see the best option for you, I will work with you to reach your goals, I am excited to start this journey together!



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