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  We are Fit4taal 


I was learning on my own with Duolingo but found that I was not able to speak and really use sentences. This made me decide to search for a school that could help me take the real step to learning the language. I found Fit4Taal, did a trial lesson and loved it! Every language has a music and Fit4Taal has made me understand the music. They have definitely helped me with our transition to the Netherlands.


Fit4taal has definitely made it possible to develop my basic needs skills in Dutch. Visit a restaurant, supermarket essentials, introduce myself to my kids teachers and other daily needs. I feel that as a family this is going to make us stronger and we feel much more confident than if we would have started from scratch with only Spanish.


I love it, it has helped me a lot and everyday I am able to communicate more. Our teacher is really nice, patient and always sends information about situations in daily life. As a professional it also wonderful to be able to study in the evening when I am done with my day and can dedicate the time I need to study.


I believe that it has helped me though I have only recently started learning Dutch. At work all we speak English but my colleagues and manager are all from the Netherlands and only speak Dutch amongst each other. This is when I get frustrated and wonder "what are they talking about", I would like to participate and not wait until they translate for me. So even though I am a beginner I now able to recognize some words and I always ask "is that what this word means?" to which they respond yes yes well done! I hope to be able to have real conversations with them by the end of the year!

Celesta (teacher)

Fit4Taal is really fun environment to learn a new language and I like working here. I feel supported whenever I have questions or areas that I can improve, they are always there for me. It is so gratifying to be able to teach a new language to our students and see how they gain confidence with there new skills. So yeah thats it!


Hi my name is Lina and I am super happy to introduce Fit4Taal to you. Fit4Taal is a language school where you can learn Dutch from either Spanish or English and we also have an English professionals program. As a professional Fi4Taal enables you to maximize your potential and demonstrate skills you have picked up whilst learning a new language.

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