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Back to school! How do we prepare at Fit4taal to welcome you?

At Fit4taal we take your learning experience very seriously. We know how crucial it is to learn Dutch in order to succeed professionally in the Netherlands and to be able to obtain all the necessary permits to develop your career.

In this short article, we will share with you the "behind the scenes" of our preparation to welcome you to our programs.

Everything starts several months before your first class, with a detailed plan in which we involve all of our departments. We love to innovate and create new learning experiences and knowledge for our groups. Every team, each one from their own expertise, contributes to the program to set up new student groups. From what images to use, to new ideas and educational surprises, updated program plans, book guides, licenses and links to the platforms that we use,etc. it is a very complex logistics process but very exciting at the same time.

All of our students initially go through interviews or evaluations and, as we have a 100% personalized approach, our program advisors first assess (together with you) what it is that you need in terms of learning Dutch. Once this is clear they liason with our teachers and evaluators that will guide you towards your best educational option.

Simultaneously, we have the educational team approving the teaching schedules, activities, study calendar, sending virtual books and doing all the preparation of your classes.

It is important mentioning that all our teachers are selected under high standards, like being native speakers

in two languages, verifiable experience, positive attitude, knowledge of innovative tools to teach dynamic classes, etc, these characteristics give us the tools to guarantee that together with the dedication of our students, the dream of learning Dutch is possible in a short time.

Our students' feedback is very important to us, that's why we also develop during our planning process feedback evaluation tools in all our courses, where the students share their experience during the program and with the teacher.

And, after months of planning, coordination and all of above logistics, the first day of class arrives during which our students meet their coach and grammar teachers, and they embark on the challenging adventure of learning Dutch and getting to know the culture. At Fit4Taal you will meet many Latin, English or Portuguese-speaking colleagues, remember that one of our main strengths as school is that our teachers speak your native language, so we have Spanish-Dutch, English-Dutch or Portuguese-Dutch programs, this makes the learning process friendly while you meet new colleagues and friends.

Welcome to Fit4taal, we are about to start our new courses, schedule your free trial class here and don't miss your spot!



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