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Dive into Dutch with Fit4Taal!
Your passport to language mastery


Hi there! I'm Lina, 
Founder & CEO at Fit4Taal

Hi there!

I am Lina, from Fit4Taal, the Dutch language school that teaches Dutch to Spanish, Portuguese and English native speakers. We have programs for each level and options to study at your own pace or within a group. We guarantee amazing results and true fluency. How? Because we teach you Dutch from YOUR OWN language with our 100% bilingual team! 


The three pillars of our Dutch online classes


Having a conversation in Dutch is a true challenge, right? We help you with our easy-learning and interactive methods. Dutch will finally make sense and you will speak to your colleagues or friends and family in no time!


Do many sounds in Dutch seem to come from outer space to you? 

We constantly offer you the phonetic techniques to perfectly pronounce Dutch and truly sound like a native speaker!

Dutch Rhythm

So you think the Dutch have no rhythm? This may be true for their feet, but the spoken language has very specific accents and pitches. Learn how they work with Profe Jan-Albert and his team of 100% bilingual teachers.

Check @Profe_Jan-Albert here
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Maria & Joris

Learning the language is important but also making the connection with other students that are all going through the same situation has been wonderful.

What do others say?



I was learning on my own with Duolingo but found that I was not able to speak and really use sentences. I found Fit4Taal, did a trial lesson and loved it!



Fit4Taal has definitely made it possible to develop my basic needs skills in Dutch. Visit a restaurant, supermarket essentials, introduce myself to my kids' teachers and other daily needs.

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