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Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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Managing Director 


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Hi everybody
It is my pleasure to be able to provide you with all the support you need to achieve the goal of speaking and understanding the language. So sign up and be part of the growing number of students who succeed in their professional careers here in the Netherlands.

Jan - Albert
Program Director

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My name is Jan-Albert, Program Director at Fit4Taal and passionate about Conversation and Phonetics. I am very happy to be able to teach you this rich language and in my classes you will learn "the real Dutch" that you have been looking for.


Hi there my name is Fabio.
I enjoy teaching Dutch grammar and I am also the Program Leader at Fit4Taal. I am very happy to teach you Dutch in a dynamic class environment that will take your Dutch language skills to the next level!


Hallo allemaal, 

Welkom bij Fit4Taal. Mijn naam is Sarah en ik ben grammaticadocent. Ik vind het fantastisch jullie te mogen helpen bij het Nederlands. Ik hoop jullie binnenkort te ontvangen in een van mijn lessen.


Hello, My name is Ana and I am originally from Chile. At Fit4Taal I teach Dutch grammar, pronunciation,   reading and writing. The fact that I am able to do so as a foreign national means YOU can learn the language as well!


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Hello everyone, I am a conversational teacher at Fit4Taal and I am very happy to have you in my classes, where I will increase your Dutch language skills in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.

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Hallo mijn naam is Rikst. That's right, a difficult Dutch name with three consonants in a row. I am teaching Grammar at Fit4Taal and am excited to meet you and help in making the steps you aim for! Let's get started. Laten we beginnen!


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Social Media and Marketing

Hola a todos! I am Valentina, responsible for all Social Media and Marketing at Fit4Taal. I am from Colombia and love everything about technology and culture in our international team.


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Hi everyone! My name is Bo, Im a Dutch teacher and I live on the beautiful island Mallorca. When I started teaching in Mexico I truly found my passion because I really enjoyed seeing students progressing and developing a new skill. As for every level you have new challenges and if you can guide students along the way so they achieve their goal thats a great feeling.


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Hoi allemaal! Ik ben Celesta. I'm from the Netherlands. I work for Fit4Taal as a pronunciation and conversational teacher. I love to build rapport with our students and see their progress while learning the Dutch language! 


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Hi everyone, my name is Diana and I’m your grammar, speaking, and writing English teacher here at Fit4taal. I’m very passionate about languages and I love that I get to teach others this amazing language. English is such an important language and, in the Netherlands, you use it every day, so can’t wait to see how far you go with this incredible language. See you soon in class.


Hi I am Flore and I teach reading, writing and Grammar at Fit4Taal. I love to teach and see our students grow more confident while picking up a completely new and different language!

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