E-learning is now the most agile and effective way to learn a new language  

The field of language-learning is changing at a fast pace. We offer you a personalized approach at Fit4Taal that gives you a unique opportunity to engage with colleagues and intergrate into Dutch society.


Learning a new language is most effective in a professional environment

As a foreign professional living and working in the Netherlands, you are expected to speak and understand the Dutch language even though life is manageable in English. Learning the language helps you open career opportunities, increases your communication skills and makes you more productive as you shorten your decision-making time.



Experience a total language learning approach

Immerse yourself in the Dutch language with our high intensity professionals program. From our grammar to pronunciation lessons, from reading and writing to group conversation, you are constantly challenged to use the Dutch you have learned from your teachers at Fit4Taal in daily life.   



Full-year Dutch professionals program 

We offer a full range of levels from Beginners to Advanced and measure your progress during the program at the end of each module. Whether you want to prepare for your NT2 exams, have post-meeting conversations with your Dutch-speaking colleagues or communicate with your in-laws, no worries our teachers have got your back!  


All Fit4Taal teachers are native in Dutch, Spanish and/or English

Our teaching staff goes through a rigorous selection process as we require a combination of exceptional skills. 

They are native in Dutch, English and/or Spanish, and they can use this knowledge to clearly explain how Dutch works in your own language. The use of educational apps and fun online tools makes your learning experience memorable!


4500 professionals with similar backgrounds at your reach 

No, you are not alone as a newbie in the Netherlands! In fact, there are 60.000 of you that arrive every year. Enrich your network instantly by learning the language with your peers from all over the world. Engage with experts on hot topics like Digital Transformation, Energy Transition or Leadership Development during our Masterclasses for advanced Dutch.    

Improve productivity

With the development of foreign operations, companies that have employees who speak multiple languages are better suited to help to improve in-house communications, efficiency, and productivity. Language training also helps to increase staff confidence and maximizes professional skills.

Dutch Program for Professionals

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How does it benefit your company?

  1. Improves employee productivity

  2. Targets soft and future-forward skills

  3. Widens career development opportunities

  4. Improves engagement and retention 

  5. E-learning saves valuable company time.

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How does it benefit you?

  1. Improves your communication skills

  2. Levels the playing field with your colleagues

  3. Increases your confidence 

  4. Improves relationships at work and home 

  5. Heightens your decision making skills

  6. Enables true integration into Dutch society.

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