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Lets grow

Let’s grow


As a foreign professional living and working in the Netherlands, you are
expected to speak and understand the Dutch language even though life is
manageable in English.

To learn Dutch helps you open career opportunities, increase your
communication skills and makes you more productive as you shorten your
decision-making time.

We are your best choice


Teachers and staff


Speak Dutch fluently





Our Superpowers


All Dutch Fit4taal teachers

are bilingual. We teach Dutch

from Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Our teachers go through a rigorous

selection process as  we require

a combination of exceptional

skills. It is a huge advantage to

learn all the Dutch grammar

and pronunciation rules from

your own native language.

In addition, our educational apps and

interactive tools make your learning

experience fun!!


With flexible schedules and

personalized learning, our digital

platform breaks geographical

barriers, providing access

to quality education

anytime, anywhere. Our Dutch

online courses, through interactive

resources and expert guidance,

will boost your language

learning skills. 


4500 professionals with similar

backgrounds increase your

network of contacts by learning

the language with your peers,

with a similar professional

and often cultural background.  

Interact with experts on hot

topics such as digital transformation,

energy transition or leadership

development during our

guided conversation classes.

The three pillars of our Dutch online courses

People Dutch Courses



Having a conversation in Dutch is a true
challenge, right? We help you with our easy-
learning and interactive methods. Dutch will finally
make sense and you will speak to your colleagues
or friends and family in no time!



Do many sounds in Dutch seem to come from
outer space to you?
We constantly offer you the phonetic techniques
to perfectly pronounce Dutch and truly sound like
a native speaker!


Dutch Rhythm

So you think the Dutch have no rhythm?

This may be true for their feet, but the spoken
language has very specific accents and pitches.
Learn how this works with Profe Jan and his
team of 100% bilingual teachers.!

Our Guarantee:

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Online Clases
personalized for you

Here, you'll find tips, resources, and inspiring stories to support your language-learning journey. We share effective strategies, student successes, and the latest in online teaching methods.

Are you a professional living in the Netherlands?  

We know how important it is to have a good relationship with your colleagues at work...

Back to school! How do we prepare at Fit4taal to welcome you?

At Fit4taal we take your learning experience very seriously. We know how crucial it is to learn Dutch..

I have learned to be very direct, I have become a real Dutchie!

Originally from the town of Trujillo in Peru, Claudia moved to Amsterdam in the mid 2000s to work as an au pair..

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